For Our Writer Friends!

We know how hard it can be to find good networks of professionals to help put together a spectacular book. We often get asked “who we’re wearing” and sometimes we even ask each other. So we started keeping track of our favorite publishing allies and since good indies share, here is a list of writer tested, reader approved editors, proofreaders, formatters, designers and more. We’ll be adding to this list as we go, and we promise, every single one of these professionals has worked on at LEAST one of the books on this site with awesome results.

Click the logos to visit our Editors:

Ellen Campbell

ellen's logo

David Gatewood


Red Adept Publishing

red adept

Alex Russell


Cynthia Shepp


Beta Reading and/or Proofreading:

Krisha Burnett Scannapieco

Krisha is new and her rates are a steal for now! Krisha’s book editing


Therin Knite

Therin does both beautiful paperbacks and ebooks!


Artists for Original Art click the logo to visit their sites!

Sara Anderson

Fantasy and Sci Fi Sketches

sara anderson

Jeff Brown

Sci Fi illustrations

jeff brown

Tom Edwards

Also does Typography along with his illustrations!

tom edwards

Adam Kopala

Starship Extraordinaire!


Click the covers to grab our favorite reference books:

indieauthorwrite publish repeatlet's get visiblestory engineering

Cover Designers:

M.S. Corley


Cormar Covers

Covers, banners and bookmarks


Alice Fox

Concept to finished design


Adam Hall

The new “IT” guy in cover design!


Karri Klawiter

Has done several book covers on this site!


Elsa Kroese

Does covers and original artwork

Najla Qambar

Great to work with, very patient!

Kendall Roderick

Very busy Graphic Designer who does it all and can also polish an existing cover


Dawn Smith

Print, ebook and audiobook covers


West Coast Cover Designs

Super fast, reliable, really receptive to design ideas, premades or custom covers and an unbelievably low cost to boot.


Audiobook Narrators

Susanna Burney

Susanna’s Discography contact her at:

Mikael Naramore

Does all of Mark Cooper’s Merkiaari Wars
Mikael’s Site

Nick Podehl

Works on ACX contact him at:


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  1. mobiuswolf says:

    Excellent links! Thank you.
    (beginner zombie author up in Blanchard Twp)


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